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Kristina O’Neal, Founding Partner, AvroKO and Brand Bureau

Kristina O’Neal’s New York based designandconcept firm AvroKO is equally adept at the varied disciplines of architecture, furniture and graphics. The firm also owns and operates a handful of restaurant and bars in New York. Having established a new paradigm in the hospitality industry, she runs AvroKO alongside three partners, Adam Farmerie, Greg Bradshaw, and William Harris, each contributing a unique vision to the company’s multifaceted design mission.

Since its creation in 2011, AvroKO and Brand Bureau has grown to a staff of more than 200 people across its New York, Bangkok, San Francisco, and London offices. Their active portfolio of projects, including restaurants, bars, and hotels, are located in 21 countries worldwide and have garnered numerous accolades, including  three James Beard Awards, seven awards by Hospitality Design, nine AHEAD awards, four Gold Keys awards, two HA + D awards, and the Lawrence J. Israel Prize.

AvroKO’s entrepreneurial curiosity has also inspired the firm to pursue its own projects, such as residential development, furniture lines, and several restaurants and bars, which are wholly conceived, designed, owned, and operated by the company, including Saxon + Parole, Ghost Donkey, the Poni Room, and Genuine Liquorette in New York.